Employment Services

With the energy sector showing the green shoots of recovery after recent challenges Voyonic can offer effective alternatives to help you, as a company, generate cost-saving efficiencies by approaching employment both ashore and afloat from a different perspective.

Voyonic is experienced in the employment of a workforce operating globally in the oil, gas or alternative energy sectors and with our associated business in Aberdeen we are located at the centre of the industry. As a Company Voyonic have been involved in the Wind Energy sector for over a decade.  


Crew Management

Whatever the type of vessel you operate the team at Voyonic would be more than delighted to be able to discuss crewing solutions with you and through our network of offices ensure that the best crew management service is provided.



How can my company benefit?

When the retention of your competent and experienced crew is paramount, the importance of having an equally experienced and competent personnel team cannot be underestimated.

Voyonic Crew Management Group provide just that and in providing a comprehensive and personal service to not only the owner/operators but also your seafarers and their families it certainly has a very positive impact on their performance, commitment and desire to remain as part of your dedicated resource pool.

What is agreed in this plan?

The requirements from the owner or technical manager are paramount, with a focus on the management of operating costs and crew budgets. Preparation of crew budgets, financial reporting and any variance analysis will be agreed and implemented to meet your requirements.

How do we price our services?

Our crew management service begins by identifying the vessel and agreeing the crew complement based upon the safe manning documents, operating parameters and any client specific requirements.

From there our role is to ensure that the best available crew are sourced for the vessel and a plan prepared with our training section to ensure that the vessel remains crewed for all of its life, which includes identifying all training and development needs.

What are Voyonic’s Objectives?

Crew retention is vital to you and to the vessel, replacing crew costs money not only in recruitment but in training, travel etc. our aim is to reduce crew turnover to a minimum. Our reputation has been built on an ability to maintain confidentiality between clients and to “ring-fence” crew for an operator, we understand the nature of the industry.


Global Employment

Voyonic offers a full crew employment solution to owner-operators. Managers are able to include our professional crew employment product into their range of services.



Voyonic can offer a more effective and better value employment solution, that takes into consideration the ever changing global legislation affecting Mariners.

Full security & protection

  • Minimising or eliminating data entry
  • Access only by authorised personnel
  • Adheres to all new GDPR regulations

Using the latest electronic methods to ensure accurate and secure operational manual data entry is kept to a minimum and wherever possible eliminated. Access levels are controlled and monitored to ensure that only authorised personnel can make changes and that the requirements of appropriate Data Protection legislation are adhered to.

Fast, accessible payslips

  • Automated, inclusive online system
  • Notifications via mobile
  • Monthly payslips via email

UK & internationally approved

  • Approved by UK revenue firms
  • Where international payments are required, we have you covered.
  • Adheres to all new GDPR regulations

Internationally Friendly

  • Multiple currency options
  • Over 90 jurisdictions to access
  • Adheres to all new GDPR regulations
Employee Benefits


There has always been a requirement to insure a ship and it’s crew, however the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 added clarification to this and changes to French Social Security legislation recently re-enforced the requirement for crew insurances to be in place.

Through the many reputable contacts that we have built up over the years, Voyonic Crewing Limited are able to assist clients to ensure that any potential obligations for employees are covered in accordance with appropriate legislation.

Employee Benefits

Seafarers Retirement Savings Plan

Whilst Voyonic are not regulated to provide pensions advice or operate our own pension schemes, because of the nature of our business we have over the years developed relationships with reputable pensions providers who understand the nature of the marine industry and the whole concept of international employment.

In addition to deducting and monitoring pension contributes to various jurisdictions, Voyonic are pleased to be involved in leading the way with the International Seafarers Retirement Savings Plan. A scheme developed by industry experts and with the backing of Zurich that enables almost every seafarer to plan for their retirement

Our Partners

We could not ask for a better business partner. It is a pleasure dealing with the people at Voyonic and whilst maritime employment can be complex, that is certainly not the case for them. Voyonic are very capable at providing a seamless outsources process, covering all angles of operation and administration. Asset V benefits from the same common intent and has a matching passion for outstanding client service, but is grateful to Voyonic for

John Bugeja,
Asset V Crewing (Malta) Limited



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