Having an internal payroll bureau can be costly for smaller businesses. For large, global employers it can be inefficient – there may be many offices doing what one centralised bureau could.

Voyonic offers a wide range of integrated payroll outsourcing solutions to suit every business.
Payroll reporting can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your accounts and/or HR team, giving greater control over costs.

Methods and Security

Using the latest electronic methods to ensure accurate and secure operation manual data entry is kept to a minimum and wherever possible eliminated. Access levels are controlled and monitored to ensure that only authorised personnel can make changes and that the requirements of appropriate Data Protection legislation are adhered to.

Payroll Assured Scheme

Voyonic are proud to be accredited to the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals Payroll Assurance Scheme, a clear indication that our payroll services meet the requirements of the best.

Revenue Approved

Our core payroll software has been approved by UK Revenue authorities for the purpose of processing payrolls.

Where we run international payrolls we use software approved by the relevant national authority.


Payments can be made in a wide variety of currencies according to the specifications of our clients. Voyonic currently process payments into more than ninety different jurisdictions utilising an electronic international payments system that was developed with our assistance. Clients are able to use Voyonic to streamline their global payments distribution process and improve costs of payments at the same time.

“I have known Neil personally for over 15 years and still remember our first meeting. There was an instant chemistry as it was obvious from the outset that we shared the same values: the desire to provide the ultimate customer experience and give the best service possible. Both Cintra and Voyonic are ambitious organisations – both have their sights set on world domination but we know that, unlike others, this will never be at the expense of customer service rather because of it! It’s a wonderful feeling to see a client growing and becoming more successful year on year. Based on their expertise and attitude, the team at Voyonic truly deserves continued success and we wish them all the best.”

Carsten Staehr,
Cintra HR & Payroll Services Ltd