Update on Covid-19

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing globally, we thought we would update you on how it is currently affecting us here in Guernsey.

Currently in Guernsey we are on “lockdown” for a minimum of 14 days. This means that from today all of our staff are working from home. With this in mind, the best way to contact us at the moment is through emailing, rather than calling, the contact you normally speak to or enquiries@voyonic.com. We can then call you back if required.

It is without doubt an unprecedented situation and with advice and instructions from government changing daily by necessity we shall endeavour to maintain services to our clients and assist in any way we can to ease the uncertainty currently facing us all even if that is only to ensure to keep people paid.

We would advise you to only look at official information from government and flag state sources rather than rely on social media and from a seafaring perspective all Flag States have information now available on their websites.

For example you can find further information about how this will affect seafarers here: