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Health Insurance

There has always been a requirement to insure a vessel and its crew, however, the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 added clarification to this and changes to French Social Security legislation recently re-enforced the requirement for adequate crew insurances to be in place.

How can Voyonic help?

Through the many reputable contacts that we have built up over the years, Voyonic are able to assist clients to ensure that any potential obligations for employees are covered cost-effectively in accordance with appropriate legislation.

About our partners

Our health insurance partners for example are able to provide a very competitively priced health cover for not only crew members but also their immediate family which not only covers the family but also provides peace of mind to the seafarer.

When seafarer shortages continue any additional reasonably priced incentives to assist with crew retention should not be dismissed lightly.

Our insurance brokers also handle all claims so that not only is treatment arranged swiftly but with minimal involvement from the employer and this can include all medivacs etc.

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If you wish to know more about any Voyonic services, please do not hesitate to make contact directly with our offices or by using the form provided. Your confidential enquiry will be dealt with by an appropriate specialist in the Group.

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