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Retirement Benefits

Crew retention can be achieved by many means however over the years and certainly following the COVID-19 pandemic, Voyonic have recognised that employees appear to be more content with an overall employment package that shows a commitment to them from the company.

Crew retention is not only about keeping replacement costs down it also produces a continuity which ensures that those onboard any vessel know its idiosyncrasies and are thereby able to maintain her in a safe condition at all times.

Part of any overall employment package designed to aid retention should include some form of retirement planning, the very nature of which displays long term commitment.

Retirement planning

Many Governments have introduced retirement plans for residents within their jurisdiction which automatically provide some form of cover for later life. Many do not or because of the nature of the work it is often not clear where an individual might have an entitlement. A prudent employer should think of retirement packages as a way of aiding staff retention because of the goodwill it creates with the workforce.

Available schemes

Whilst Voyonic are not regulated to offer any advice about retirement planning over the many years working within the industry we have identified partners who are able to provide such assistance. Whatever the nationality or residence of your workforce our partners are able to offer assistance. By completing the enquiry form below we will be able to direct you to the most appropriate partner who will be able to assist you accordingly.

What are Voyonic’s objectives?

Our whole crew management process is designed to ensure good crew retention. This not only provides our clients with cost efficiencies but also ensures that crew familiarity with the vessels and their operations reduces the hidden costs of human errors or omissions, including, of paramount importance, the safety of the crew and the vessel.

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