Onwards and Upwards

Voyonic Crewing Limited are on the move!

From the 1st April the Company will be relocating to new office space which thankfully from a logistical perspective is in the same building again.

This will in effect the 4th time that the company has moved and for the same reasons, space or more exactly the requirement for more!

We started the journey in 2007 located in Louisiana House overlooking the beautiful Havelet Bay and Castle Cornet however after a brief stay there we relocated to Elizabeth House in 2008 occupying a small corner of the top floor until growth of the business necessitated the move to a small self-contained office on the ground floor of the building. Later that year.

Having outgrown that small office when we recruited our 12th employee Voyonic took up residence in our current location occupying the large ground floor of Elizabeth House.

We now find ourselves in need of more room because despite our utilisation of systems wherever possible, when dealing with the employment of people a human element is unavoidable. With responsibility for overseeing the employment of some 6,000 professionals working globally our HR & Payroll teams continue to expand in order to ensure that our robust employment solutions are delivered to the very high standards that we set ourselves.

The move back to the top floor of Elizabeth House will provide us with space for an additional 14 work stations which will hopefully see us through for the next 2/3 years although at our current rate of growth, taking on a new client each month from January to July this year alone, who knows?